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Buggies helps families deal with head lice in the calmest, safest , relaxing environment . 

Lice have been around for ages,  We just see more cases now than in previous years due to The Health Department  no longer setting the protocol for schools on handling of lice infestations and monitoring students.  Hence we see  more and more families  trying all the OTC  and prescription products containing pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals and they're just not effective anymore.

Doctors now recognize that professional head lice removal is the only effective form of lice treatment.   We want to use our experience to dispel the myths about lice.  Today LICE treatment is much different than it was a 10 yrs ago and more.

Here at Buggies we use our own Natural Organic ingredients in conjunction with a thorough unique comb-out process that quickly eradicates those Buggies!  and effectively remove lice from you and your family.

Lice are a pain but once you learn the facts, they can be easy to deal with.

We will give you all the Facts and Tools you need to be Lice Free


                                     Services & Pricing 

                Treatments Starting at:    $85 


                Two Treatments are Generally needed  within 5 days of each other to Guarantee Removal By Buggies


                BEST DEAL                 1st & 2nd  Treatments +10 Day POM check  :        *$160             Mild Infestation

                                                                                                                                              *$185             Medium Infestation

                                                                                                                                              *$199             Heavy Infestation

                                                    *EXTREME CASES NEED TO BE QUOTED

                Peace of mind (POM)Checks:       Short-Medium Length  $20   

                                                                             Medium-Long Length    $25 

                                                                             Long-Extreme Length:   $30

    FYI: Second treatments are almost always needed, there are exceptions when 1 Treatment might be sufficient.  Although, when there are live adult bugs found during the first treatment there is no way to guarantee removal of the eggs that may have been laid in the past 24-48 hrs.      This is an industry standard to be able to guarantee you are absolutely LICE FREE.

*Extra charges could apply to extreme thickness, curls, tangles and length of hair which may hinder combing process.  

*Arriving with hair WASHED - WET - DE-TANGLED can help avoid extra charges.

    DIY Lice Removal Kits:   Enzyme Treatment Spray - Comb - Shampoo

    $55  1-2 person treatments        $65   3-4 person Treatments

Maintenance Programs Starting at:  $150 per year                                                                                   

Includes Monthly checks ($240 value)and discounts on services and products

         We also offer a full line of products to aid in removal and prevent and repel Lice

      Our head lice technicians will assess the level of infestation prior to treatment.

We also Stock Doterra Oils and Rollerballs and  ZAQ Difussers.

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse service if the staff deems it necessary to do so.

Expert Lice Removal



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